LEE Jang-hoon.jpeg


  • Name: Lee Jang-Hoon

  • Hangul: 이장훈

  • Born: December 13, 1973

  • Birthplace: South Korea



Lee Janghoon, born in 1973, took an interest in filmmaking relatively late into his life. As a child, he would rarely watch movies. It was only after he started a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and realizing he wasn’t made for this that, hearing about a friend who was hired as a TV producer, he realized that there was a career to be made in visual media. After graduation, he did some office work for some time, until one day he decided to quit everything to start studying filmmaking, at the age of 29. In order to make his directing debut, he worked on an original script with producer Kim Woojae, but since they both had the feeling this project was going nowhere, Kim suggested that they should try an adaptation instead. In 2014, Kim came up in with the idea of a Korean version of Takuji Ichikawa's famous novel <Be With You>, which had already been brought to the big screen in Japan in 2004. Starring So Jisub and Son Yejin, Lee’s debut feature <Be With You> was met with some success when it eventually hit theaters in 2018, hitting the million admissions mark after only seven days. Lee came back in 2021 with another drama film, <Miracle> (2020), about the real-life story of a man’s dream to build a train station for his village.