MAL·MO·E: The Secret Mission 말모이


Some Violence







EOM Yuna


YOO Hai Jin, YOON Kye-sang, MIN Jin-woong 

135 Mins

9 Oct Sun, 6.40pm / 15 Oct Sat, 4.10pm 

Golden Village Suntec City

Set in Seoul during the 1940s, during Japanese occupation of Korea, the Korean language is banned from schools and being replaced more and more with Japanese. 


After being fired from the theater, ‘Pan-su’ tries to steal a man’s bag to pay for his son’s overdue school fees but fails. Later, he goes to a job interview at the Korean Language society only to find that the representative there is ‘Jung-hwan’, the man he tried to steal from. An illiterate man who’s been in and out of prison to help with making a dictionary? ‘Jung-hwan’ is unconvinced but pushed by his team members who welcome ‘Pan-su’ to hire him. However, ‘Jung-hwan’ makes it conditional for a month given that ‘Pan-su’ learns to read and write.


Wondering why they collect words instead of money, ‘Pan-su’ soon opens his eyes to the importance of his native language. Meanwhile, ‘Jung-hwan’ also sees the value of ‘us’ through ‘Pan-su’s help in gathering vocabulary from across the country. Now, with no time to lose, they must evade surveillance from the Japanese and finish the ‘Mal-mo-e’ dictionary…